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mission 007

Cool guys get most dangerous adventures! Agent 007 disappeared. Secret intelligence service MI6 lost contact with him somewhere in Baltic states. Trace leads to disguised spy lair in this city. You are super agent team on mission to infiltrate the flat, reveal mystery of 007 and his colleague sudden disappearance. Is it a trap? Certainly. Ready for it? Book this quest and check it out!

mafia gold

It is a risky idea to rob Italian mafia treasury. You are locked in a trap! Gangsters with big guns and bad mood will arrive in 60 minutes.


Alice Through the Looking Glass

Alice is sleeping and for many years no one managed to wake her up. Modern science allows you to go into Alice’s mind to save her.

But if you get lost in the labyrinths of the memory of Alice, within hour touch with reality will be interrupted, and you will remain prisoners in a sleeping mind.



In a secret underground laboratory occurred an accident and the virus got into the ventilation system and reached out to the city streets. Automatic security system has blocked all the doors and shut down all life support systems. You are test subjects, ones that were locked up. You have only an hour to save yourselves and the whole city, find the vaccine and get out of the bunker.

how to play?

escape rooms


Just a few clicks between you and an exciting adventure.


Plunge into the atmosphere and try to find way out.


It is not so easy, be prepared for the difficulties and surprises.


city quest tours

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Gift card


The best present is an unforgettable experience and emotions!

You can buy a gift card to our quest-room to please your significant person.

Another advantage of this present is that you can enjoy it with friends or with the whole family. To order the card - just contact us.

The Gift Card never expires.

It costs 45 euro.

An adventure in a quest-room is the best present for any occasion.

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“Definitely one of the best experiences in town, place is very fresh. We went through Mission 007 quest and it was awesome! Story was great, interior is pretty cool and riddles are fun and unpredictable, not that generic kind of stuff you may expect usually. Worth visiting!”

Mark R. Varlashev 

“Thank you! It was a great game! Would highly recommend to everyone!”

Maria Pissuljova

“Mafia escape room was Very nice experience and the host was really nice guy.”

Jari Halonen 

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