city quest tours



narva circle


Funny walk on the promenade and the Old Town, which combines riddles with historical treasures on every step.

Download the quest and the adventure time will begin!

Price: 15 eur

mission as-3


Secret service agent lost the connection, but haв left all the codes, passwords and appearances in the shopping mall Astri.

Are you able to pick them all up staying unnoticed?

Price: 10 eur


dark secrets of hungerburg


Mystical walk on the backside of the silent resort town, where the powers of evil rule completely.

Are you brave enough to challenge them and protect Hungerburg?

Price: 15 eur

time capsule noorus


In the XX century on the place of Noorus hotel there was a camp for youth. Young scientists hid a secret of moving through the time somewhere in it’s surroundings. You are going to search for the scientific treasure!

Price: 10 eur



stalker zone


Year 1984. Gossips about a high radiation level in the town which is full of secret manufactures are spread all around. You are a group of independent journalists who should reveal the truth…

Price: 15 eur